Good deeds are beacons that give warmth and light

Good deeds are beacons that give warmth and light ☀️ to those in need, those who live in hope, those who are waiting for help. We must do good deeds together, give hope and warmth ☀️.  Volunteers of the NGO Edelweiss (Trofimchuk Lyudmila, Volkova Anna, Ivanyuk Vadim, Postoyuk Sergey, Ostrovsky Nikolai) collected and transported equipment to two medical institutions. Neonatal incubator to maintain the body temperature of the child. It provides a closed and controlled environment for newborns. In addition to it, they handed over the necessary childcare products: nipples, diapers, oxygen masks, saline. 

Together with our partners from Poland, we handed over a surgical laser and a single-phase transformer to measure pressure cuffs, dropper systems, and saline.  Thanks for the fruitful cooperation to Sergey Borzov - Chairman of the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration and our partners from Poland Garant Biuro Rachunkive.  Our strength is in the team, in cooperation, in unity, we ask those who want to help, as well as those who need help, to join.  

Contact phone ☎️ +380671841731.  We have a lot of sincere and kind, courageous and brave people!!!  We will win!!!!  Vse bude Ukraina!!!